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Information about our products

Key Benefits using ATS BLDC Engines

Product: maintenance-free engines Engine Brushless, requires no maintenance
Product: Variable feedback system Feedback system Hollow shaft resolver, brushless tacho with rotor position sensor, optical sensors e.g. ERN1387, SCM50 and much more
Product: Variable protection class High protection class Standard: IP 64; optional IP 65 etc.
Product: Variable dynamics Excellent dynamics Realised by low inertia moments
Product: Nominal torque Nominal torque Reaching nominal torque at each speed which is less or equal rated speed in continuous operation mode (S1)
Product: Speed range High range of speed control Depending on the used encoder system and associated servo amplifier
Product: Options Various Options Mounting of holding brake/incremental sensor/drive/fan, special shaft (e.g. hollow shaft, teethed shaft or 2nd shaft end, etc.), non-standard speeds (up to 10.000 min-1), reduced radial and axial tolerances, and much more

Sample Applications

ATS BLDC engines are extremely versatile: Wherever dynamic drive systems with high power density are required, our engines are used. E. g. in the fields of e-mobility, wind power plants, transport systems and industrial trucks.

Electric car engine
Water-cooled electric car engine
Actuator for wind power plant
Pitch drive (actuator) for wind power plant
Wheel hub drive
Wheel hub drive for industrial trucks

Our engines are characterized by excellent dynamics.
With our previous developments, we can cover a speed range between 1,200 min-1 and 12,000 min-1 and a torque range between 0.6 Nm and 300 Nm. The torque range can also be extended upwards (e.g. by mounting an external fan, water-cooling, etc.).

Due to the electronic commutation, our motors are almost maintenance-free and extremely durable.
Customer's benefits: High flexibility on low costs.

Hoisting system
Hoisting system
Coil for roller coaster
Coil for roller coaster
Radial Rotor
Radial rotor

Product Series of ATS BLDC Engines

Our engine development and production is based on our various product series with different sizes. By adapting our proven standard motors we develop the desired special solution for you.

Current spectrum of our product series:

Nominal voltage: starting from 24 V
Nominal speed: up to 12,000 min-1
Nominal torque: up to 300 Nm
Magnets: Neodymium magnets
Various encoder systems

Overview of our product series:

Series Sizes Comments
ATS ADS series 100
Standstill torque from 39 to 127 Nm
Standstill torque from 15 to 43 Nm
ATS NDS series 056
Standstill torque from 3.4 to 11 Nm
Standstill torque from 0.8 - 3.5 Nm
ATS Catalogues Catalogues PDF fileATS Catalogue 2010
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DXF fileBLDC engine ADS 071 FL
DXF fileBLDC engine ADS 071 K0
DXF fileBLDC engine NDS 056 S0
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